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Elective Shock

Many schools in New York are bringing in a new wave of electives, focusing their efforts on classes that students will (GASP!) enjoy! But how could this be? Schools can’t afford to add electives with the economy like this, can they? And students shouldn’t look forward to going to school, should they? And electives couldn’t possibly benefit the school, could they? (I hope you’ve caught on to my being facetious.)

The answer is yes! Yes to all of those things! This is what I’m talking about, folks! This is one of many ways to PROMOTE INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY among students! Electives help these New York students to look forward to going to school. It’s not such a chore for the student when he/she realizes that he/she can rely on at least one hour of the day to be fun. Listen to some of the elective opportunities they have: 3D Animation, History of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Woodworking, Global Economics, Jewelry Making, Military History, Advanced Java Programming, Mandarin Chinese, etc!

The article boasts that these classes give seniors the motivation they need to drag themselves out of bed to go to school. They also give students’ transcripts a more well-balanced feel. This way, students aren’t all about the AP classes and college-prep classes.

The only problem finances seems to present concerning electives is class size. Currently the elective classes must have 15 students in them in order to continue, but that number may be raised to 20 or 25 due to the financial status of the country. But hey, no sweat. The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll class drew in 33 pupils when it aimed for 15!

Among all of the benefits of the electives, the one that really stands out is the freedom the electives give students over what they will learn.

“It’s letting people learn about what they love rather than dictating what they should be learning,” said Morgan McDaniel, a senior who added the rock ’n’ roll class to her roster of Advanced Placement classes in calculus, biology, European history and studio art.

“High Schools Add Electives to Cultivate Interests”
by Winnie Hu
The New York Times
Education Section
26 October 2008
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